Shirley Villavicencio Pizango


25.03.21 - 27.03.21

We are very happy to present to you our new collaboration with Shirley Villavicencio Pizango. Because these unique sweatshirts stem from the beautiful still life Searching for the Blue of my Life that reflects her studio, we invited her to photograph the sweatshirt series in her own studio. Discover her artwork, sweatshirts and photos at our launch event from Thursday, March 25 to Saturday, March 27 at Toekomststraat 22, Borgerhout.

Thursday 25.03    18h-21h

Friday 26.03    14h-21h

Saturday 27.03    14h-18h

Catharina Dhaen at Gallerij Sofie Van de Velde

29.10.20 - 13.12.20

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde gives us the opportunity to add Catharina Dhaen's sweatshirts to her first solo exhibition in their new gallery space. During "Through the looking-glass" you can purchase all available pieces on the spot. Enjoy the beautiful exhibition.

Sergio De Beukelaer at Museum Hof van Busleyden

01.12.20 - 21.03.21

The collaboration between Sergio De Beukelaer and Numbered By can be admired in the solo exhibition -... in Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden in Mechelen. The exhibition runs from 01.12.2020 - 21.03.21. We will be present on a regular basis, all sweatshirts are for sale through our website.



Our very first event will take place during the Borger Nocturnes. We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful series by Tom Volkaert, Catharina Dhaen, Jan & Randoald and Leo Luccioni. Come visit us. 


22.01.20 - 24.01.20

Numbered By is a proud participant of Borger Nocturnes. In the weekend of Friday January 22, you can find us again in the gallery space at Toekomststraat 22 with the series of Tom Volkaert, Catharina Dhaen, Leo Luccioni and Jan & Randoald.

Friday 22.01   14h-21h

Saturday 23.01   12h-18h

Sunday 24.01   12h-18h

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Photography by Seppe Elewaut