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°1972 & °1973

Living and working in Ghent


Art(ist)Art, 2020

Digital collage


Jan & Randoald is a duo that makes creations on the border between graphic design, furniture design and contemporary art. Within the concept of Numbered By, they started to work specifically on the subdivision of an artwork into twenty unique sweatshirts, which became the starting point for the original image. The collage consists of twenty existing works by well-known artists. These have merged into one new graphic artwork and will be cut again as twenty separate works.


Each sweatshirt is given the existing title of the original artwork. the artwork itself is titled: Art (ist) Art ... Art from Artists as Art ... Art is art ... Art remains art ... even if it is divided into pieces …


1/20 Jive

2/20 NY P.5 BR

3/20 Ohne Titel

4/20 Nugget\’s Pics

5/20 Cinema

6/20 Accomodations of Desire

7/20 NY P.1 TR

8/20 Bum Hole

9/20 Yes Biological

10/20 Love Letters

11/20 Standing Cowboy

12/20 God’s Oasis

13/20 Eggs

14/20 Green/Red

15/20 Dick

16/20 What if it barks?

17/20 Deep Social Space

18/20 Lonely long meaningless way home

19/20 Bust of a Woman

20/20 Chainsaw cut Cowboy Head



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