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Denie Put


Lives and works in Antwerp

First Touch, 2020

Oil and acrylic paint on canvas

120 x 120 cm

Price on request

Denie Put’s experimental paintings carry the viewer to a dimension somewhere between the abstract and the surreal. His play of shadows and illusionistic perspective of fore- and background seem reminiscent of typically surrealistic out-of-place, assembled figures in a dramatically lighted and mysterious landscape. 

Throughout a plethora of influences, Denie creates a unique and contemporary visual language. His works have a general familiar feel to them; they might vaguely remind you of images you have seen before. However, they are open to a very personal experience: depending on your own associations and interpretations, they will carry a new meaning.


Denie Put describes his own paintings as ‘labyrinths of layers’. This is not exaggerated. On the canvas, he is guided by what his materials offer him. Most of his paintings show an underlying relief or texture, created by many layers of previous attempts and experiments on the canvas. During this intuitive painting process, little ‘mistakes’ and coincidences inspire him to new shapes or ideas. Something Francis Bacon called ‘l’accident’


In his trompe l’oeil, digital, retro science-fiction kind of paintings, Denie uses a big range of techniques and materials. By doing this, he tries to question conventional painting methods.

For this project he explores the qualities of ink, which brings a new aspect of fluidity to his work. This material is fast and hard to control. On the one hand the viewer can distinguish this unpredictable, fast, fluid material. On the other hand the slow, controlled pattern in the background; which results in an intriguing contrast in the painting process. 


Denie is always looking to discover what paint can mean beyond the canvas: for example, by experimenting with painted bell jars, or by adding a mural in the exhibition space. Whether it be canvasses, sculptures, wall paintings or sweatshirts, his entire oeuvre is a continued exploration of the paint.

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