Numbered By is a platform focused on creating unique sweatshirts in collaboration with Belgian contemporary artists.

Numbered By offers the artist a new medium to express their art. The art practice of the artists is further refined and results in unique wearable artworks.

The collaboration creates an interaction between Numbered By and the artists exploring the boundaries between art and fashion.

Numbered By invites the artist to create a series of at least 20 original artworks, each artwork is available on sweatshirt in a limited edition of 4 in sizes S, M, L and XL. Choosing the beloved sweatshirt allows you to purify the artworks and invites you to examine the artist’s art practice. 


Our mission is to provide individual, exclusive clothing by focusing on art through concepts of detail, functionality, abstraction and color.

The customers cannot only distinguish and identify themselves by wearing the sweatshirts, they participate in the artwork as well.


We strive to represent a carefully curated selection of visual artists from painting, sculpture, installation art, and also furniture designers, photographers and graphic artists.

The dialogue between creative director and founder Laurens Boks and the artist always produces a surprising result that often shifts slightly from their day-to-day art practice. 


The aesthetic of Numbered By is a blend of fashion and art that leads to quality sweatshirts that balance on the border between casual wear and luxury. The sweatshirts have a relaxed fit to make them elegant and comfortable for all genders.

Numbered By uses a simple yet powerful corporate identity to direct all attention to the product. The platforms name is twofold and requires the addition of the artist's name.


During our first year (2020-2021), Numbered By made seven series of sweatshirts that consisted of allover prints.

We invited the artists to create a new square artwork that we printed enlarged. Twenty unique front parts were extracted from this, with which 20 sweatshirts were made. For each artist we made two series, medium and large, that had a different color.

There are still some pieces available from these series with Jan&Randoald, Catharina Dhaen, Tom Volkaert, Leo Luccioni, Sergio De Beukelaer, Shirley Villavicencio Pizango and Denie Put.